Consumer Education and Outreach

The Department of Business Oversight provides information and resources on a variety of financial topics. The goal of the Department’s outreach efforts is to provide consumers like you, with tools essential to make smart financial decisions, as well as practical information to operate safely in the financial marketplace. Our educational publications and other materials are designed to educate you about various financial products and services, as well as alert you to current and emerging financial scams. We encourage you to visit this section to explore the Department’s financial education materials that are designed to help you protect and stretch your hard-earned dollars. You will also be able to find local consumer education events where you can directly speak with a representative of the Department.

Consumer Services Office

The Consumer Services Office can answer consumer questions and assist in resolving disputes with our licensees. In the event that your complaint is against an entity that the Department does not license, we can provide you assistance in directing your complaint to the appropriate regulatory agency that supervises the financial services industry.

For Questions and Complaints:

Consumer Resources


Consumer Call Center

Consumer Corner

DBO Mortgage Education and Outreach

The DBO Mortgage Education and Outreach Program (Program) is focused on supporting homeownership and informing mortgage borrowers of their rights. More…

For questions and complaints about other types of financial institutions, please contact the appropriate regulatory agency. See Who Regulates a Financial Institution.