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The Department of Business Oversight encourages the public to submit complaints if it is believed that a licensee of the Department is acting in violation of state law or has acted improperly or if you believe a company or person is conducting unlicensed activity that is within the Department’s jurisdiction.

The Department evaluates and reviews complaints for alleged violations of the laws we administer and take appropriate action as authorized under the law. See a List of Licensees and Industries Regulated by the Department.

You should always file your complaint with the Department, regardless of whether you are resolving your dispute through another forum. The Department relies upon complaints received from investors, borrowers and consumers to ensure that our Licensees are complying with the licensing laws, and to locate and stop investment fraud.

When you submit a complaint to the Department of Business Oversight, we review it to determine whether it is a matter over which we have jurisdiction. If we are not the proper regulatory authority, we will attempt to direct you to the correct agency.

Please note that the Department does not provide legal or financial advice; we do not act as your private attorney; and we do not act as a court of law. You should seek the assistance of a private attorney if your complaint involves a sum of money you seek to recover or a contract you request cancelled.

Submit Your Complaint

For A Faster Response We Recommend Filing Online

If your complaint is regarding one of the following:

Note: For security purposes, the online forms contain user time limitations. If your session exceeds the limitations, any information you have entered may be lost. To avoid this, gather all necessary information prior to entering the form.

Or to submit a complaint by mail, please download the Complaint Form (PDF) or Formulario de Quejas de el Consumidor (PDF) and mail to:

Department of Business Oversight
Attn: Consumer Services
1515 K Street, Suite 200
Sacramento, CA 95814

The Department will provide a letter or email acknowledging receipt of your complaint and a description of the next steps in the complaint process.
If you need assistance with the complaint form, please call 1-866-275-2677.

Information on DBO's Legal Authority

  • We facilitate communication between consumers and financial institutions, but we do not act as an advocate for either party.
  • We do not have the statutory authority to award damages, overturn fines or other charges, etc.
  • We are unable to act as a court of law or as a lawyer on your behalf.
  • We are unable to give you legal advice.
  • We are unable to become involved in complaints that are in litigation or have been litigated.
  • We are unable to resolve factual disputes or disagreements over the interpretation of contracts.

If the circumstances of your complaint require legal action, you may wish to consult an attorney. If the matter already involves litigation, the Department will generally not issue a letter of findings to you. However, the complaint will be reviewed on a confidential basis and any appropriate action will be taken.
If your particular question requires legal interpretation or assistance please go to California Courts Free & Low-Cost Legal Help website for information on how to get free or low cost legal assistance.

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