___________________________ CREDIT UNION
(Disappearing Credit Union)


__________________________________ and _________________________________certify that:

1.         They are the (chairman of the board, the president or vice president) and the (secretary, the chief financial officer, the treasurer or any assistant secretary or assistant treasurer) of
_________________________ Credit Union ("Credit Union"), a California corporation.

2.         The Plan of Merger in the form attached hereto was duly approved by a majority of the board of directors of the Credit Union.

3.         The Plan of Merger was approved by the required vote of the members in accordance with Section
[15201(a) or 15201(b)] of the California Financial Code.

4.         The total number of members of Credit Union is __________________members.

We further declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the matters set forth in this certificate are true of our own knowledge.

Date: ________________



Signature of Chairman of the Board,
President or Vice President

Type Name and Title

Signature of Secretary, Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer,
Assistant Secretary or Assistant Treasurer

Type Name and Title

This sample officers' certificate is for use by the disappearing credit union in the case of a California credit union merging with and into another California credit union or a federal credit union pursuant to Financial Code Section 15201(a) or (b). This sample is provided only as an illustration of an officers' certificate. Refer to the requirements of Financial Code Sections 15200, et seq. and Corporations Code Sections 8010, et seq.
Note: In submitting this certificate, please omit the Department of Business Oversight form header and use the business letterhead, as appropriate.

Form 360 (Rev. 08-13)