California Financial Literacy Month (CAFLM)

Empowering Californians To Make Well-Informed Financial Decisions

April has been designated California Financial Literacy Month (CAFLM) to highlight the importance of financial literacy and encourage all Californians to increase their understanding of saving, investing and credit choices. Consumers face many choices that affect their financial future. Every day, we conduct some type of financial transaction requiring a well-informed and educated decision. Financial education empowers Californians to make informed financial decisions.

As a statewide public awareness effort, California Financial Literacy Month is the perfect opportunity for businesses, including banks, credit unions and community organizations, to highlight their financial literacy efforts or become involved in this important effort to make financial education a priority.

DBO Mortagage Education Outreach

We encourage you to visit DBO’s resources and financial education information on our partner websites.

California Financial Literacy Partners

DBO provides consumer information and resources on a variety of financial services, including personal loans, mortgages and investments. The goal of the DBO’s education and outreach efforts is to provide consumers tools they need to make smart financial decisions and operate safely in the marketplace.

Consumer Call Center

Call the DBO’s Consumer Call Center if you need information about financial service providers licensed by the DBO, or for help filing a complaint. Call 916-327-7585 or toll-free at 1-866-275-2677.