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Franchise Registration


Portal Filing Instructions for Franchise Registrations 2019


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Notice of Exemption for Internet Advertisement:

Effective July 10, 2003, the Department adopted Section 310.156.3 of Title 10, California Code of Regulations (Document No. PRO 09/02) to exempt internet advertisements from the filing requirements of Corporations Code Section 31156, subject to certain conditions. Among other things, persons claiming the exemption must file a written verified notice, as specified. Although Section 310.156.3 sets forth the content and verification requirement of the written notices, the rule does not specify a particular heading ("red flag") to help staff identify and process them. Accordingly, the following sample heading (in large bold type) may be inserted at the top of the written notice filed with the Department to assist staff in identifying the claim of exemption.

DBO-310.100.2 Notice of Negotiated Sale of Franchise under Section 310.100.2 PDF
DBO-310.100.4 Negotiated Sales Exempt Under 31109.1 of the Corporations Codes – Summary Description PDF
DBO-310.101 Notice of Exemption under Corporations Code Sections 31101, 31104, 31108 or 31109 PDF
DBO-310.106 Notice of a Transaction Exempt under Corporations Code Section 31106 PDF
DBO-310.111 Guidelines for Franchise Registration (UFDD) PDF
DBO 310.111 Certification PDF
DBO 310.111 Corporate Acknowledgment PDF
DBO 310.111 Customer Authorization PDF
DBO 310.111 Facing Page Uniform Franchise Registration Application PDF
DBO 310.111 Guarantee of Performance PDF
DBO 310.111 Sales Agent Disclosure Form PDF
DBO 310.111 Sample Surety Bond PDF
DBO 310.111 Supplemental Information PDF
DBO 310.111 Uniform Consent to Service of Process PDF
DBO-310.122 Uniform Franchise Registration Renewal Statement PDF
DBO-31113 Surety Bond PDF
DBO-QR 500.265 Customer Authorization of Disclosure of Financial Records PDF