Credit Unions

California's financial institutions are symbols of safety and soundness. Their role in business and industry are important to the economy and to our own personal well-being. Maintaining the integrity of financial services remains our primary mission as the industry continues to grow.

The Credit Union Division of DBO licenses and regulates state-chartered credit unions. The Credit Union Division is charged with the execution of the laws of this state relating to credit unions or the credit union business. As a result, the Credit Union Division conducts periodic examinations of all California state licensed credit unions. The Credit Union Division also reviews applications for certificates to act as a credit union, and issues those certificates when all qualifications for such have been met.

Statutory definition of credit union (FC 14002): A Credit Union is a cooperative, organized for the purposes of promoting thrift and savings among its members, creating a source of credit for them at rates of interest set by the board of directors, and providing an opportunity for them to use and control their own money on a democratic basis in order to improve their economic and social conditions. As a cooperative, a credit union conducts its business for the mutual benefit and general welfare of its members with the earnings, savings, benefits, or services of the credit union being distributed to its members as patrons.

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NASCUS Accreditation
The credit union examination program is accredited by the National Association of State Credit Union Supervisors (NASCUS).