Search for a Financial Services or Mortgage Lending Company Licensed in California

This search includes records for the following types of companies licensed to operate in California:

  • Mortgage bankers and servicers (licensed under the Residential Mortgage Lending Act)
  • Payday Lenders (licensed under the Deferred Deposit Transaction Law)
  • Consumer and commercial finance lenders and brokers
  • Escrow agents and companies
  • Check sellers, bill payers and proraters

Licenses for Mortgage Loan Originators (MLOs), individuals who service mortgage loans, must be checked through NMLS Consumer Access website, where you may also find information about any regulatory actions against a Mortgage Loan Originator. 

The search will show you if a company is licensed to operate in California.   To see if a company has any legal enforcement actions against it, please check the Enforcement Actions and Orders page.

Last updated June 08, 2016

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