Enforcement Actions and Orders: F

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Subject Order Issued Date Issued
F-19 Holdings, LLC Administrative Action 04/15/08
F.I.G. Desist & Refrain Order 06/05/07
FAAR Investment Group, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 12/30/10
Faas Enterprises, Inc. Administrative Action 06/22/07
Faas Financial, Inc. Administrative Action 06/22/07
Fabulich, Richard Desist & Refrain Order 07/11/07
Factor Funding, LLC Administrative Action 05/31/12
Fahmy, Joseph N Administrative Action 10/11/16
Fair Housing Resource Center (Netmore America, Inc., Dba) Administrative Action 05/09/11
Fairfield Energy, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 02/20/07
Fairfield Energy, Inc. Vista Joint Venture Desist & Refrain Order 02/20/07
Fairon, Patrick M. Administrative Action 03/11/15
Fairview Mortgage Group Administrative Order 05/01/09
Fairway Escrow Corporation Administrative Action 08/07/02
Faisal, Nelson Salomon Desist & Refrain Order 10/22/07
Fala, Dante Marco Desist & Refrain Order 07/29/02
Falco, Robert Civil Action 06/24/14
Falcon Leasing, LLC Administrative Action 05/07/13
Fallon, Tom Desist & Refrain Order 01/13/12
Falls, Richard Dale Desist & Refrain Order 08/21/07
Fame Assistance Corporation Administrative Order 06/22/11
FAME Renaissance Hancock Venture, LLC. Administrative Action 01/14/05
Family Estate Insurance Services Desist & Refrain Order;
Administrative Action; Civil Litigation
Family Film Fund, LLC Administrative Action, See also Dorothy of Oz, LLC 11/23/09
Family Financial Center Administrative Action
See Also Office of Administrative Law Decision
Family Lending Center, Inc., Administrative Action 05/01/09
Family Values Financial Services Administrative Action 08/28/13
Fantastic Realty Investment Account Desist & Refrain Order 11/20/13
Farber, Howard E. Desist & Refrain Order 01/14/05
Faria, Cary T. Administrative Action 05/05/06
Faria, Sadie M. Administrative Action 05/05/06
Farm Fresh Ranch Market. Administrative Action 08/06/07
Farrell, David D. Civil Action 02/10/00
Farion, Patrick M. Administrative Action 12/10/14
FarTrade Inc. Desist & Refrain Order;
See also rescinding order for Dr. Stanley Skavery only
Fashion Desist & Refrain Order 06/25/03
Fast 1000 Administrative Action 07/19/12
Fast Cash Rebate Desist & Refrain Order 07/12/07
Fast Check Cashing Administrative Action 05/01/07
FastCredit Financial, Inc. Administrative Action
FSD #’s 6039260, 603K653 and 6054732
Fast Drive. Desist & Refrain Order 09/28/09
Fast Pace Funding (Colombana Financial, Inc., dba) Administrative Order 05/01/09
Fast Payday Advance Administrative Action 07/10/06
Fastbucks Desist & Refrain Order; Settlement Agreement *08/12/07
Fastbucks of Livermore Administrative Action 08/04/11
FastBuck$ of Moreno Valley Administrative Action;
Desist & Refrain Order
Fastbucks Desist and Refrain 07/12/07
Fazalbhoy, Zoeb Administrative Action 02/25/08
FCB Mortgage House, LLC Administrative Order 04/28/08
FCC Financing Subsidiary VI, LLC Administrative Action 08/04/10
FCCA.com, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 06/25/03
FCI Commercial Capital, Inc.  Administrative Order  10/20/10
Federal Mortgage Funding Administrative Order 06/09/09
FFD Resources II, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 08/27/08
FFD Resources III, LLC Desist & Refrain Order (Payday Services) 06/27/08
FFD Resources IV, LLC Desist & Refrain Order (Payday Yes) 06/27/08
Federal Lenders Group Inc. Administrative Action 05/12/10
Federated Financial Services Limited Desist & Refrain Order 01/28/13
Feel Golf Co. Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 03/25/05
Feel, Dr. Desist & Refrain Order 03/25/05
Feeney, Robert J. Desist & Refrain Order 05/11/09
Feinman, Barry Desist & Refrain Order 08/30/07
Felix, Malcom L. Desist & Refrain Order 06/17/09
Felli, Dominic Civil Action 10/02/00
Feltus-Curry, Luther Tyrone aka Feltus-Curry, Tyrone Desist & Refrain Order 03/19/13
Fencl, Thomas Administrative Action 05/15/17
Fendrick, William Martin Desist & Refrain Order 09/06/02
Fenn, Christine Desist & Refrain Order 07/26/07
FEP, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order;
Administrative Action; Civil Litigation
Ferdig, Arthur Desist & Refrain Order 08/30/06
Ferguson, Edward Lance Desist & Refrain Order 08/05/09
Ferguson, Steven Michael Desist & Refrain Order;
See also
Office of Administrative Hearing Decision
Ferlazzo, Tony & Ferlazzo, Fran Administrative Action 03/18/11
Fernandez Financial, Inc., Fernandez, Luis Desist & Refrain Order 12/08/09
Ferris, Frank J. Desist & Refrain Order 07/19/11
Ferris, Paul A. Administrative Action 04/07/11
Feuerborn, David John Desist & Refrain Order 11/09/06
FF1, LLC. Administration Action 04/24/15
FFC Holdings, LLC  Administrative Order 07/18/12
FFI Payday Loans Administrative Action 06/22/07
FFI Payday Loans.com Administrative Action 06/22/07
FFSI, Inc. Revocation Order
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FG360 Administrative Action 12/07/15
FGL Clearwater, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 12/05/05
FHS Legacy Corporation Desist & Refrain Order 05/11/09
Fidelity Borrowing Mortgage Bankers, LLC (Now known as Vanguard Funding, LLC) Administrative Order 05/20/08
Fidelity Capital Funding, Inc. Administrative Action 09/04/08
Fidelity Debt Solutions, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 01/24/13
Fidelity Home Mortgage Corporation Administrative Order 05/07/08
Fidelity Insured Deposits Desist & Refrain Order;
See also Office of Administrative Hearing Decision
Fidelity Mortgage Administrative Action 09/05/08
Fidelity Mortgage Direct Corp Administrative Action 05/12/10
Fidelity Insured Deposits, Inc Desist & Refrain Order,
Administrative Action; Civil Litigation
Fidelity Mortgage of California Administrative Action 09/08/08
Fidex Lending, Inc. - 603G211
Fidex Lending, Inc. - 603G750
Administrative Action 05/12/10
Fiduciary Investments, Inc. Administrative Action 09/28/11
Fieldstone Mortgage Company Administrative Action 11/18/08
Fife, Darrin Drew Desist & Refrain Order 09/18/03
Fifth Street Tower, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 04/24/14
Figlioli, Brenda Administrative Action 12/17/08
Film Equity Partners LLC Desist & Refrain Order 01/05/10
Film Financing Network Desist & Refrain Order 01/4/06
Film Mates Corporation Civil Litigation 11/16/07
Film Mates Entertainment Civil Litigation 11/16/07
Film Mates Partners LLC Civil Litigation 11/16/07
Films Unlimited LLC Desist & Refrain Order 01/05/10
Final Market Professional Trade Solutions aka final-market.net Desist & Refrain Order 04/04/12
Final Escrow, Inc. Administrative Action 02/06/17
FinanceMyHome.com Administrative Order
see also Lic. Number 603-I908 and Lic. Number 413-0749
Finance One, Inc.  Administrative Order 01/25/12
Financial Advisory Consultants Desist & Refrain Order 12/24/03
Financial and Real Estate Services, Inc. Administrative Action 12/28/11
Financial and Retirement Management Services, Inc Desist & Refrain Order;
see also National Foundation of America
Financial and Retirement Management, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order;
see also National Foundation of America
Financial Freedom of America, Inc. Withdrawal of Desist & Refrain Order and Settlement Agreement 08/24/09
Financial Freedom Senior Funding Corporation Administrative Action 05/12/10
Financial Mortgage USA, Inc., dba Financial Mort. USA, Inc. Administrative Action 06/30/08
Financial Plus Investment, Inc. Administrative Order 07/24/08
Financial Resources and Assistance O Lakes Region, Inc. Administrative Order 05/01/09
Financial Services Enterprises aka Pioneer Capital Administrative Action 03/10/16
Financial Solutions Desist & Refrain Order 01/03/05
Finazzo, Joanne Administrative Action 11/14/04
Finazzo, Tamaryn Administrative Action 11/14/04
Finet.com Administrative Action 09/09/03
Finito Escrow, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 04/05/10
Fiorentino, Steven Desist & Refrain Order (see also Shannon K. Rodriquez) 10/23/07
Firestone Escrow Corporation Administrative Action 05/25/10
First American Eagle Escrow, Inc. Administrative Action 03/19/08
First American Financial Desist & Refrain Order 06/17/09
First American Home Loans, Inc. Administrative Action
See also NMLS licensee listing #197155
First American Mortgage Administrative Action 12/01/06
First Atlanta L.P. Desist & Refrain Order 09/08/11
First Atlantic Eastern Industries Trust Desist & Refrain Order 12/24/02
First California Diversified Fund, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 03/24/05
First California Diversified Fund, LLC Civil Action 03/24/05
First California Mortgage Company Administrative Order
See also FSD licensee listing #415-0042
See also NMLS licensee listing #24055
First Capital Business Finance Administrative Action 09/19/16
First Capital Commerce, Inc. Administrative Order 01/19/11
First Capital Financial Services, Asia, Ltd. Administrative Order 07/21/10
First Century Mortgage (Carl M. Parsons, dba) Administrative Order 05/01/09
First Choice Investment Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 05/20/14
First Command Financial Planning, Inc. Administrative Action 12/16/05
First Deposit Capital, LLC Administrative Action 05/01/09
First Direct Mortgage, Inc. Administrative Action 12/01/06
First Equity Funding Administrative Action 07/10/06
First Fidelity Asset Group, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 12/05/07
First Fidelity Assurance Corporation Desist & Refrain Order 03/06/06
First Fidelity Centers, Inc. Administrative Order 05/01/09
First Fidelity Group, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 12/05/07
First Financial Capital LLC Administrative Action 05/12/10
First Guaranty Financial Corporation Administrative Action 03/18/11
First Home Mortgage Desist & Refrain Order 08/03/07
First Integrity Finance, Inc. Administrative Action 03/18/11
First Legacy Financial, Inc., First Legacy Financial Group Desist & Refrain Order 08/05/10
First Life Mortgage, Inc. Administrative Order 05/01/09
First Lincoln Mortgage Company Administrative Order 09/10/08

First Main Street Financial
- 603G269
- 6054379
- 605J170
- 603J216
- 6073517

Administrative Order 08/08/12
First Magnus Financial Corporation Administrative Order 04/23/08
First Mortgage Corporation Administrative Action
See also licensee listing FSD #413-0009
First Mortgage West Lending Corporation Desist & Refrain Order 03/15/12
First National Home Loans LLC Revocation Order
See also FSD lincesee listing #4131243
First National Escrow Administrative Order; see also Karen Gardner, Raquel Bauer and Robert Bauer 01/03/11
First NLC Financial Services, Inc.
(dba The Lending Center)
Administrative Order 02/19/08
First One Lending Corporation Administrative Order 01/23/12
First Opportunities Management Group, Inc Civil Action 08/17/09
First Patriot Financial Services, Inc. Administrative Order 05/01/09
First Rate Capital Corp Administrative Action 12/08/08
First Request Escrow, Inc. Administrative Action 09/01/11
First Reverence, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 09/28/09
First Securities Capital, LLC Civil Action 09/25/02
First Southern Capital Development Corporation
- 4131088 (CRMLA)
- 603H315 (CFL)
- 603I016 (CFL)
- 603I443 (CFL)
- 603H315 (CFL)
- 603I016 (CFL) 
Administrative Action 12/29/11
First Southwestern Escrow, Inc. Administrative Action 06/07/10
First Take Productions Desist & Refrain Order 05/24/12
First Vision Financial, Inc. Administrative Order 05/01/09
Firstlight Financial Corporation Administrative Order 06/09/10
Fisher, Kevin A Desist & Refrain Order 10/12/15
Fiske, Leigh F. Desist & Refrain Order 03/20/07
Fitch, George J. Desist & Refrain Order 12/01/08
Fitch, Terrance J. Desist & Refrain Order - Also see Life Partners, LLC 02/27/14
Fite, Andre D. Desist & Refrain Order 05/13/11
Fitzpatrick, Kristin Administrative Action 06/17/15
FiVanta Equity Lending Administrative Action 03/09/09
Five Mile Capital Structured Income Fund LP Administrative Action 05/07/13
Five Star Investment Group Desist & Refrain Order 04/29/08
Five Star Financial Services of America, LLC d.b.a. JBAH Insurance Solutions a.k.a. Five Star LLC Desist & Refrain Order 08/09/16
FixConnect.com, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 06/25/03
FKP Group, Inc., and FKP Group & Co., Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 01/31/12
Flaherty, Brendan M. Desist & Refrain Order 05/09/08
Flagship Financial Group, LLC (CFL) Administrative Order 03/04/13
Flagship Financial Group, LLC (CRMLA) Administrative Order 01/06/11
Flagship Financial Group, LLC Order Granting and Reinstating; See also Flagship Financial Group, LLC (CFL) and Flagship Financial Group, LLC (CRMLA) 08/27/13
Flanagan, Jeffrey. Amended Desist & Refrain Order and Desist & Refrain Order 06/18/08
Flanagan, Lyn J. Administrative Action 12/20/06
Flanagan, Lyn Jeanne Administrative Action 12/20/06
Flatiron Capital Partners, LLC, Flatiron Systems, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 03/28/11
Fleder, Jules Bernard Desist & Refrain Order 12/01/04
Fleming, Nicholas Richard Civil Action 03/21/02
Fleming, Ronald Kevin Administrative Action 10/04/16
Fletcher, Robert Desist & Refrain Order 06/15/05
Fletcher, Rose Desist &Refrain Order 02/20/08
Flex Fund Financial Services, LLC Administrative Action 05/01/09
Flexpoint Funding (Flexpoint Funding Corporation dba) Administrative Order 10/02/07
Fliegel, Eric Desist & Refrain Order 05/24/12
Flintridge Asset Management Company Administrative Action 06/16/04
Flintridge Asset Management Company Civil Action 12/27/05
Flobridge Group, LLC; Flobridge.com Desist & Refrain Order and Order Voiding Transactions 10/25/11
Flodstrom, Angela Desist & Refrain Order 06/11/03
Flodstrom, Jason Desist & Refrain Order 06/11/03
Flores Shield Group, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 04/27/10
Flores, Carlos Desist & Refrain Order 07/10/07
Flores, Hermie Desist & Refrain Order 12/02/14
Flores-Martinez, Maria Belinda Desist & Refrain Order 04/27/10
Florida AAA Financial Associates, Inc. Administrative Action 05/12/10
Florida United Mortgage Corporation Administrative Action 09/24/08
Flurish, Inc. dba LendUp Administrative Action
FSD #100-4393, #605-4610
Flynn, Charles J. Administrative Action 05/29/15
Flynn, Ronald Shane Administrative Action 09/22/16
FMF Capital, LLC Administrative Order 09/14/07
FMF Direct Administrative Order 09/14/07
FMF Lending Administrative Order 09/14/07
FNMU Administrative Action 05/27/10
FocusCore, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 02/26/04
Fogerty, Robert Desist & Refrain Order 05/02/04
Football Channel USA, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 04/27/15
For Him Enterprises, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 12/20/02
For Franchising LLC dba Window Genie Administrative Action 11/14/17
Ford Financial & Tax, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 01/04/10
Ford, Donald Robert Desist & Refrain Order 01/04/10
Ford, James Edward Administrative Action 05/01/09
Ford, Lawrence II Desist & Refrain Order 06/05/07
Foreclosure Holdings, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 03/21/11
Forex Knowledge Brokers Desist & Refrain Order 08/11/10
Forker, Stefan Administrative Action 10/20/09
Formulating Insurance Agency, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 09/20/06
Forrest, Jeffrey Allan Administrative Action 04/06/16
Fortress Credit Group Administrative Action 04/21/11
Forte DB Shipping Agency Desist & Refrain Order 07/14/05
Forte-db.com Desist & Refrain Order 07/14/05
Fortis Title Solution Desist & Refrain Order; See also Meridian Financial Corporation 03/14/11
Fortiva Financial, LLC Administrative Action 05/07/13
For-traders.com Desist & Refrain Order 06/09/04
Fortress Credit Corp. Administrative Action 11/26/12
Fortuna Service Company, LLC Administrative Action
Also See FSD #603-8882
Fortune Oil & Gas, Ltd. Desist & Refrain Order 08/22/14
Fortune On Wheels Investment Trust Desist & Refrain Order 06/05/02
Fortune One Mortgage Corporation Administrative Action 05/12/10
Fortune Recovery Group, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 04/12/10
Fortuno, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 07/17/12
Fossil Oil Company, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 12/02/14
Foster, Eugene Desist & Refrain Order (Classic Expo, LLC) 03/14/11
Foster, Eugene Desist & Refrain Order (MacArthur Birch, LLC) 10/06/09
Foulk, Scott Walter Civil Action 02/25/14
Foundation Capital Group, LLC Administrative Action 12/08/08
Foundation Escrow Company Administrative Action
See also FSD Licensee Listing #963-1973
Foundation First Mortgage (Foundation Investment Group, DBA) Administrative Action 04/21/11
Fox, Alfredo Trujillo Desist & Refrain Order 01/07/10
Fox, Bruce Desist & Refrain Order 07/09/13
Fracchia Capital Management Company Administrative Action 04/04/08
Fracchia, Charles Anthony Administrative Action 04/04/08
Fracchia, Ronald Anthony Desist & Refrain Order;
Administrative Action; Civil Litigation
Fragen, Daniel S. Desist & Refrain Order 06/01/09
Fragoso, Edgarl Administrative Actions 04/101/09
Franchise Growth Systems, Inc. aka FG360 Administrative Action 12/07/15
Franchise Marketing Systems
See also Tomii Franchising, Inc.
Administrative Action 12/01/14
Francodollar, LLC Administrative Action 03/18/11
Frank, David Carr Administrative Action 01/12/04
Frankfurth, James A. Desist & Refrain Order 07/20/05
Franklin American Mortgage Company 
Administrative Order 02/02/11
Franklin Capital Corporation Administrative Action 05/07/13
Franklin, Jim Administrative Action
See also Office of Administrative Law Decision
Franklin Mortgage Administrative Action 11/20/06
Franklin Mutual Mortgage Corporation Administrative Action 12/27/10
Franklin Voltaire Sellers Administrative Order 5/2/12
Franklin Yacht Financial Corporation  Administrative Action 11/02/11
Franklin, Rob Desist & Refrain Order;
see also Rescission Order [5/16/05].
Frascella Enterprises of Delaware, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 11/16/09
Freed, Eric Desist & Refrain Order 06/30/11
Freedom Debt Relief, Freedom Financial Network, Freedom Tax Relief Administrative Action 05/29/08
Freedom Group Desist & Refrain Order 05/09/11
Freeman, Jay Desist & Refrain Order 05/07/07
Freeman, Christian Administrative Order 05/12/10
Freeman, Lawrence Eugene Desist & Refrain Order 06/15/15
Freeport Commodity Trading Administrative Action 01/05/16
Freeport Commodity Trading, Inc. Administrative Action 01/05/16
Fremont Credit Corp Administrative Action 11/21/11
Frees, Sam Peter Desist & Refrain Order;
Stipulation to Desist & Refrain Order
Freevi Capital Ltd, Freevi Corporation Desist & Refrain Order 04/13/06
Freewill Financial Administrative Action 02/19/08
Freg II California Lending Limited Partnership Administrative Action 03/18/11
Frenczak, Sarah Desist & Refrain Order 03/29/10
Frese, Peter Adminstrative Order 09/29/15
Fresh and Natural, Inc. DBA Fresh and Natural Service Group Desist & Refrain Order 10/31/14
Fresh and Natural Service Group Desist & Refrain Order 10/31/14
Fresh Fruit Bouquet Company Desist & Refrain Order 12/11/06
Fresh Fruit Bouquet Company Franchising LLC Desist & Refrain Order 12/11/06
Fresh Healthy Vending, LLC Administrative Action 04/02/14
Fresh Start America Desist & Refrain Order 12/23/08
Frew, Michael J. Administrative Action 08/13/14
Friede, Gerald L. Desist & Refrain Order 08/07/06
Friederichs, Jeffrey Desist & Refrain Order 05/28/14
Friedman, Kirk Civil Action 06/24/02
Friedman, Morrie S. aka Friedman, Morriss Desist & Refrain Order 04/28/06
Fries, Joseph H. Desist & Refrain Order 10/16/14
Friend, Clarence Desist & Refrain Order 04/28/05
Friends United Network, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 08/05/11
Frim, Yonathan Administrative Action 10/10/16
Frisk, Rick Administrative Action 07/17/15
Fromm, John Desist & Refrain Order 01/28/03
Frost, Robert Allen Desist & Refrain Order;
see also National Foundation of America
FSC First Securities Capital Civil Action 09/25/02
FSC First Securities Capital, LLC Civil Action 09/25/02
FSM Group, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 05/08/06
FSM Processing, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 05/08/06
FTC-Mortgage, Incorporated Administrative Action 05/12/10
FT Mortgage, LLC. Administrative Action
See also FSD licensee listing #413-1247
FTR Processing Desist & Refrain Order 06/27/08
Full Compass Investment Advisors Administrative Action 09/07/17
Full Force, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 03/25/08
Full Power Group, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 09/13/06
Full Power Holdings Desist & Refrain Order 09/13/06
Full Realty Services, Inc.  Administrative Action 12/01/10
Fuller Jr., Leo Gladstone Anthony  Administrative Action 03/18/11
Fullerton Mortgage and Escrow Company Administrative Action 04/15/15
Fun Flicks, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 07/23/12
FUN Group, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 08/05/11
Fun Life Le'Chris Entertrainment & Vision, inc. Desist & Refrain Order 04/27/10
Fund America, Inc. Administrative Action 10/06/06
Fund Capital America Administrative Action
See also FSD licensee listing #’s 603F577, 603J202
Funded Capital Mortgage, Inc. Administrative Action 12/08/08
Funders, Countrywide Mortgage.Com Administrative Action 01/20/09
Funding City Corp Administrative Action 05/01/09
Funding Tree, Inc. (The) Desist & Refrain Order 01/29/02
Funeral Funding Services Administrative Action
See also FSD listing #603-8193, 603-J989, 603-K227
Funk, David Desist & Refrain Order (see also Desist & Refrain Order) 04/28/06
Furlough Group (The) Desist & Refrain Order, See also The Braclay & Nodingham Company 07/08/05
Fusion Exploration, LLC Desist & Refrain Order;
Stipulation to Desist & Refrain Order
Future Income Payments, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 03/03/15
Future Investments USA LLC Desist & Refrain Order 05/18/09
Futures Investment Group Civil Action 10/21/08
Fuyang Newsynergy Corporation Desist & Refrain Order 09/30/09
FXKB, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 08/11/10