Enforcement Actions and Orders: P

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Subject Order Issued Date Issued
P & D Checks for Cash Administrative Action 11/30/07
P.S. Restaurant Holdings, L.P. Desist & Refrain Order 03/30/98
P.W. Financial, Inc. Administrative Order 10/12/10
Pacello, Willienne Administrative Action 05/31/06
Pacific Beaches Escrow, Inc. Administrative Action 02/22/11
Pacific Best Company, Ltd. Civil Action 06/28/05
Pacific Best Group Civil Action 06/28/05
Pacific Capital Management II, Inc. Civil Action 05/15/02
Pacific Check Cashing Administrative Action 12/04/07
Pacific Coast Financial Administrative Order 11/21/11
Pacific Community Ventures, Inc. Administrative Action 05/09/12
Pacific Crest Lending, Inc. Administrative Action 12/27/17
Pacific Enterprises Leasing Company Administrative Order 11/21/11
Pacific Equity and Capital; Pacific Equity and Capital Fund, LLC, Pacific Equity and Capital, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order (Corp. Code) 05/27/11
Pacific Equity and Capital; Pacific Equity and Capital Fund, LLC, Pacific Equity and Capital, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order (Fin. Code) 05/31/11
Pacific Escrow Group Desist & Refrain Order 09/23/15
Pacific Financial Resources Administrative Order 05/02/12
Pacific First Escrow Administrative Action 08/17/09
Pacific First Financial Group Administrative Action 05/12/10
Pacific Funding Financial Group Administrative Action 03/18/11
Pacific Globe, Inc. Administrative Action 11/30/07
Pacific Health Partners, Inc Desist & Refrain Order 01/16/02
Pacific Hills, LLC. dba First Capital Business Finance Administrative Action 09/19/16
Pacific Income Fund II, LLC Civil Action 05/15/02
Pacific Investment & Loan, Inc. Administrative Action 05/01/09
Pacific Lending Fund, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 08/17/05
Pacific Management Group, Inc. dba Grupo Pacifico GPAC, SA08-13 Administrative Action 10/04/16
Pacific Mortgage Advisers  Administrative Order 11/17/10
Pacific MedCorp Desist & Refrain Order 07/19/07
Pacific One Financial - 603G282
Pacific One Financial - 603G282
Administrative Action 05/26/10
Pacific Phoenix Communities, LLC Administrative Action 07/27/05
Pacific Property Assets Desist & Refrain Order 05/28/02
Pacific Property Assets, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 10/31/06
Pacific Republic Mortgage Corporation Order to Discontinue 05/04/05
Pacific Restaurant Holdings, Inc. Administrative Action 04/10/13
Pacific Ridge Escrow, Inc. Administrative Order 01/19/11
Pacific Shore Funding Administrative Order 06/25/07
Pacific Shore Holdings, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 08/07/13
Pacific Shores Financial, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 12/24/02
Pacific Teak Reforestation Project Administrative Action 10/04/16
Pacific Teak Administrative Action 10/04/16
Pacific West Capital Group, Inc.; Pacific West Capital Group Trust Desist & Refrain Order; Order Withdrawing Desist & Refrain 01/17/08
Pacific Union Financial, LLC Administrative Action
Also see FSD #’s 415-0081, 605-3971, 603-H992, 603-I486, 603-K754
Pacific West Realty Group Administrative Action 05/07/13
Pacific West TD Fund II, L.P. Administrative Action 05/07/13
Pacific West TD Fund, L.P. Administrative Action 05/07/13
Pacifica Direct, LLC; Pacific Mortgage Administrative Action 09/16/08
Packard, John J. Desist & Refrain Order 10/31/06
Packard, John J. Desist & Refrain Order 05/28/02
Page Financial, LLC Administrative Action 04/11/06
Paissios, Nicholas C. Administrative Action 04/01/08
Pal, Tejinder Desist & Refrain Order 07/24/07
Palacios Home Loan Funding Administrative Order 11/07/06
Palacios, Nestor Vladamir Administrative Order 11/07/06
Paladin Funding, LLC Administrative Order 08/31/11
Palisades Investment Advisors, Inc. Administrative Action 02/09/06
Palette Aqua Investment Fund, LLC, Pallette Cobalt Investment Fund; Palette Group, LLC; Palette II Group, LLC; Palette III Group, LLC; Palette VI Group, LLC Palette Sienna International Fund, LLC; Civil Action 08/31/09
Palm Estate Services Desist & Refrain Order 02/24/03
Palm, Clifford Albert Desist & Refrain Order 02/24/03
Palm Beach Park Association Administrative Action 07/19/16
Palm Tree Mortgage Administrative Action  
Palmer, Mary Ann Administrative Action
See also licensee listing FSD #963-1201
See also Office of Administrative Law Decision
Palos Verdes Escrow Co., Inc Administrative Order 11/01/11
Palomares, Leila Administrative Action 05/10/11
Palomino, Crystal Lynn Civil Action 04/16/08
Pandy Enterprise Civil Action 01/04/06
Papa Check Cashing Desist & Refrain Order 05/13/08
Pappadopoulos, George Demetri Administrative Order 04/27/17
Par Escrow Corporation Administative Action
See Also FSD Licensee Listing #963-1894
Par Three Financial, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 08/19/05
Para, Eugene Mariano  Administrative Action 09/21/10
Paradise Valley Prospect Wells Joint Venture Desist & Refrain Order 03/11/08
Paradise Biryani Express, Inc. dba Paradise Biryani Pointe Desist & Refrain Order 12/31/15
Paragon Financial Corp. Desist & Refrain Order 01/17/17
Paragon Funding Group, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 07/26/11
Paragon Marketing & Promotions, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 01/17/17
Paragon Mortgage Services, Inc. Administrative Action
See also FSD licensee listing #603-B332

Paramount Equity Mortgage, LLC.

Administrative Action
See also FSD licensee listing #417-0047
Paramount Financial Services Desist & Refrain Order 12/24/02
Paramount Residential Mortgage Group, Inc.
Administrative Order 05/04/11
Pardo, Joe aka Pardo, Jose Desist & Refrain Order 08/31/11
Pardo, Tony Desist & Refrain Order 01/17/17
Paris, Dr. Win Desist & Refrain Order 04/12/03
Parisi Consulting Group Deisist & Refrain Order 1/11/08
Parisi, Anthony Jude, aka Parisi Anthony J. Deisist & Refrain Order 1/11/08
Park Escrow Services, Inc. Administrative Action, see also Acevedo, Dawn 04/16/12
Park Place Escrow, Inc. Administrative Action 08/31/16
Park, Kyung aka Park, Sandra Administrative Action
See also Office of Administrative Law Decision
Parker, Michael E. Administrative Action
See also Office of Administrative Final Decision
Parker, Michael William Desist & Refrain Order 08/15/07
Parkland Capital Fund, LP Administrative Action 03/18/11
Parkside Lending, LLC Administrative Action 07/14/09
Parsons, Alisa Administrative Action 09/10/12
Parsons, Jeff Desist & Refrain Order 11/18/05
Partners Quick Cash Administrative Order 10/05/09
Partner Loan Services Administrative Order 09/26/07
Partners Capital Group, Inc. Administrative Action
See also FSD licensee listing #603-I948
Pasadena Development Corporation  Administrative Action 11/09/11 
Pasag, Angel Estrada  Administrative Action 11/26/12
Paseo Partners, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 05/05/10
Passort Restaurants, Inc. Administrative Action 04/10/13
Patawaran, Rogel Stipulation and Amended Desist & Refrain Order 12/18/12
Patel, Kaushik Manilal Desist & Refrain Order;
See also Administrative Action
Patel, Rahda Administrative Action 08/02/07
Patel, Rahda Administrative Action 12/28/07
Patel, Sunita Rancchodlal Desist & Refrain Order;
See also Administrative Action
Patient Care Technology Systems, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 01/24/06
Patriot Gold and Silver Exchange, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 01/18/17
Patriot Oil & Gas Co Desist & Refrain Order *12/09/05
Patriot, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 06/15/06
Patterson, Daniel C. Desist & Refrain Order 08/17/07
Paul Financial Administrative Action 08/31/09
Paulick, Chris Desist & Refrain Order 05/27/04
Pawn Shop, The Administrative Action 01/31/08
Pawn Zone Corp Administrative Action 02/01/10
Pay Check Advance Desist & Refrain Order 08/03/05
Pay Day Financial Administrative Action 10/07/08
Pay Day Today Administrative Action 10/07/08
Pay It Back Check Cashing, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 05/13/08
Pay It Forward Desist & Refrain Order 06/10/08
Paycheck Today Desist & Refrain Order 06/27/08
Paycheck Xpre$$ Administrative Action 08/13/07
Payday 2 Payday Administrative Order 10/05/09
Payday Advance Administrative Action
See also Office of Administrative Law Decision
Payday Advance, LLC Administrative Action 10/23/08
Payday Advance Express Administrative Action 05/08/08
Payday Advance Plus Desist & Refrain Order 10/29/07
Payday Card (The) Administrative Action 12/22/08
Payday Central Administrative Action 12/21/07
Payday Loan Store of California Desist & Refrain Order 08/08/08
Payday Loan Yes Desist & Refrain Order 11/16/10
Payday Quick Cash Administrative Order 01/10/14
Payday Services Desist & Refrain Order 02/28/06
Payday Services Desist & Refrain Order 06/27/08
Payday Services Today Administrative Action 10/07/08
Payday Services Plus Desist & Refrain Order 07/23/07
Payday Today, LLC Administrative Action 05/01/07
Payday Yes Desist & Refrain Order 06/27/08
Payday Your Way, Inc. Administrative Action 12/28/07
Paydaymax.com Desist & Refrain Order 04/29/11
PaydayNation.com Desist & Refrain Order 01/28/13
Paydaynow Administrative Action 12/22/08
PaydayTrustOnline.com Desist & Refrain Order 03/03/09
Paymard, Angela Farrah Desist & Refrain Order 06/30/11
Payne Janes 3, L.L.P. Desist & Refrain Order 03/7/07
Payne, Robert. Desist & Refrain Order 08/27/07
Payroll Advance, LLC Administrative Action 10/02/06
PaySentinel, LLC Civil Action 01/04/06
PayStar Corporation Desist & Refrain Order 05/24/04
PBG Capital, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 04/24/14
PC Capital Investments Corporation Administrative Action 05/01/09
PC6 Desist & Refrain Order 07/27/07
PCJV USA, LLC. Administrative Action 12/13/16
PCM Fixed Income Fund I, L.L.C. Desist & Refrain Order 03/30/98
PDLNOW Desist & Refrain Order 11/26/13
PEAC Desist & Refrain Order 05/27/11
Pearl Escrow Corporation Administrative Action 11/29/11
Pease, Judith Ann  Administrative Action 03/18/11
Pearson Education Ltd. Desist & Refrain Order 05/30/03
Peavey, William Benson Administrative Action
See also Office of Administrative Law Decision
Pederson, Carol Ann Desist & Refrain Order 11/03/17
Pelagius Entertainment, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 10/16/14
Peltz, David Desist & Refrain Order 10/07/08
Peltier, Morris, Desist & Refrain Order; Stipulation to Desist and Refrain Order 10/06/09
Pemm.Tek Mortgage Services Administrative Order 10/15/07
Penaloza, Erland German Desist & Refrain Order 02/24/11
Penn, David Administrative Order 05/01/07
Pennington Alexander Group, Inc., (The) Desist & Refrain Order 04/27/10
Penny Mining Speculator, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 07/21/16
Penny Oil Speculator Administrative Action 03/20/17
Pennzoil Products Company  Administrative Action 03/18/11
Pentech Financial Services, Inc. Administrative Action 03/18/11
Pentultimate Associates, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 09/02/09
Pension Funding, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 03/05/15
Pension Income, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 03/05/15
Pensions, Annuities and Settlements, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 03/03/15
Penzoil Lube Center Acceptance Corporation Administrative Action 05/12/10
People's Choice Home Loans Administrative Order 09/26/07
Peoples Mortgage Home Loans Administrative Action 04/26/07
Peoples Home Equity, Inc. Administrative Action 11/30/15
Pereira, Romulus Desist & Refrain Order 04/29/03
Perkins, Alton Desist & Refrain Order 03/21/08
Perfect Mortgage Administrative Action 06/08/09
Perfect Worlds Desist & Refrain Order 01/04/06
Performance Credit Corporation Administrative Action 06/20/08
Performance Capital Group Administrative Action
See also FSD Licensee Listing # 603-A922
Perl Mortgage, Inc Administrative Action
See also FSD licensee listing #4130865
Perles, Tom F. Desist & Refrain Order 04/06/05
Permex Corporation Desist & Refrain Order 11/25/09
Permitmasters, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 08/06/07
Peroxide Pictures, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 01/16/02
Perron, Laurent Desist & Refrain Order 12/06/06
Perry, Gregory C. Desist & Refrain Order 03/08/05
Person, Elizabeth Desist & Refrain Order 06/08/06
Persona Pizza Holdings LLC Administrative Action 07/20/15
Pet Pantry International, Inc. (The) Desist & Refrain Order 04/03/06
Pet Products Delivery, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 04/03/06
Pet Project Partners, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 05/05/09
Peters, Mark R. Desist & Refrain Order 12/24/02
Peters, Scott Administrative Action 05/15/17
Peterson, Janet A. Civil Action 11/15/05
Peterson, Roy Clyde Desist & Refrain Order 01/04/10
Peterson, Ulandsley Desist and Refrain;
see also Monumental Funding Corporation
Petonak, Paul J. Desist & Refrain Order 04/15/11
Petrillo, Joseph M. Desist & Refrain Order 06/05/02
Petrol Consultants Holdings, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 10/14/14
Petross, Louis F. Desist & Refrain Order 04/15/05
Pezzuto, Wm. Alan Civil Action 05/03/10
Pfitzner, Robert Desist & Refrain Order 10/15/07
PFR Management, Inc. Administrative Order 05/02/12
PFS Mortgage Administrative Action 05/01/09
Pham, Darren D. Administrative Action 12/10/08
Pham, Samantha Thi Desist & Refrain Order 11/10/09
Phan, Giang aka Phan, Jim Desist & Refrain Order 07/07/11
Phan, Melody Nganthuy Desist & Refrain Order 04/16/14
Phanco, Aaron Douglas Desist & Refrain Order 05/07/13
Pharmacy Development Corporation Desist & Refrain Order 08/12/13
Phase 7 Media Group, Inc. Administrative Action 12/03/15
Phifer, Janet Desist & Refrain Order 06/26/07
PHH Mortgage Corporation Administrative Action
NMLS # 2726
Philanthropy LLC Desist & Refrain Order 03/19/13
Philips Medical Capital, LLC Administrative Order 5/2/2012
Phillips, Larry Allen Civil Action 01/27/04
Pho Citi Franchising Company Administrative Action
See also Office of Administrative Law Decision
Phoenix Realty. Administrative Action 07/24/08
Phoenix Rising Industries, Inc. Administrative Action 03/18/11
Pickett, Brian R. Desist & Refrain Order 08/21/02
Pickett, Deanna W Desist & Refrain Order 08/21/02
Pickett, Jeffrey Lenn Desist & Refrain Order 08/21/02
Pico Funding, Inc. Administrative Action 05/01/09
Pierce, Maleak aka Pierce, Almalik Desist & Refrain Order 08/16/12
Piggybank Home Loan, dba SFG Bancorp Administrative Order 09/24/08
Pike Consultiing, Inc., Pike Real Estate, Mortgage and Development Desist & Refrain Order 04/07/08
Pike, Russell Craig Desist & Refrain Order 09/10/07
Pike, Thomas Desist & Refrain Order 04/07/08
Pillar Multifamily, LLC. Administrative Action
See also FSD licensee listings #603-K366, #630-K691, #603-K692
Pillar Wealth Management, LLC. Administrative Action 06/30/16
Pilon, James Lee Desist & Refrain Order 12/28/06
Pilon, Verna Simms Desist & Refrain Order 12/28/06
Pimentel, Alicia Administrative Action 12/17/08
Pinapfel, Lindsay Desist & Refrain Order 07/18/14
Pincheira, Mario Civil Action 09/09/15
Pinnacle Direct Funding Corporation Administrative Order 09/19/07
Pinnacle Capital Mortgage Corporation Administrative Action 05/01/13
Pinnacle Financial Corporation Administrative Order 03/03/08
Pinnacle Home Loan Administrative Order 09/30/08
Pinnacle Manufactured Funding Administrative Order 03/03/08
Pinnacle Property Solutions Desist & Refrain Order 05/17/10
Pino, Albert Daniel Administrative Order 08/06/15
Pino, Gilbert Administrative Action
See also FSD Licensee Listing #963-2272
Pinupitu, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 07/21/09
Pioneer Capital Administrative Action
See also Office of Administrative Law Decision
Pipher, Jeffrey L. Desist & Refrain Order 06/26/02
Piron Escrow, Inc. (formerly known as CF Escrow, Inc.) Administrative Action 05/12/10
Pirs Capital, LLC. Administrative Action
See also FSD licensee listing # 603L362
Pitoniak, Arnold E. Desist & Refrain Order 04/07/05
Pixy Cash aka PixyCash.com Desist & R3frain Order (see also 247Greenstreet.com) 03/18/13
Pizinger, Raymond. Desist & Refrain Order 09/28/10
Plainscapital McAfee Mortgage Company Administrative Action 12/01/06
Pham, Darren Administrative Action 12/10/08
Planned Assets Portfolio Acquisitions Group, LP Desist & Refrain Order 02/03/09
Planned Gift Associates Desist & Refrain Order 12/24/02
Platinum Bay Advisors, Inc., a California corporation Administrative Action 01/07/16
Platinum Capital Finance, Inc. Administrative Action
See also FSD licensee listing #603J338
Platinum Capital Group, LLC Administrative Action 09/07/07
Platinum Coast Escrow, Inc. Administrative Action 10/01/07
Platinum Properties Investor Network Desist & Refrain Order 05/16/07
Platinum Properties Investor Network, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 05/16/07
Play N Trade Franchise, Inc. Administrative Action, see also Yakety Yak Wireless 04/14/09
Plaza Processing Desist & Refrain Order 07/27/07
Pleasant Valley Home Mortgage Corporation Order Summarily Revoking 12/13/12
Plus Mortgage Group Administrative Action 11/30/11
Plusfunding.com. Inc. Administrative Action 11/23/05
PMC Interests, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 12/12/08
PMC Direct, Inc. Administrative Action
See also NMLS licensee listing #1603842
PMF, Inc. Administrative Action 05/12/10
PMI Capital Fund I L.P. Desist & Refrain Order 07/06/05
PMI Trading Desist & Refrain Order 07/06/05
PO Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 07/25/05
Poker Junkies Production, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 09/15/17
Pocrnich, Peter Desist & Refrain Order 03/24/11
Poescrow.com Desist & Refrain Order 07/25/05
Poga Management Partners, LLC Civil Action 08/31/09
Pohlman, Richard V. Desist & Refrain Order 10/20/04
Pohlmann, Richard C. Desist & Refrain Order 10/20/04
Pohlmann, Richard V. Desist & Refrain Order 10/20/04
Point Mortgage Corporation
doing business in California as Point Mortgage Financial
Administrative Action
See also FSD Licensee Listing #413-0876
Point Mortgage Financial Administrative Action
See also FSD Licensee Listing #413-0876
Polhemus, John Hart Sr. Order Withdrawing Desist & Refrain Order 01/13/10
Polito, Brian J. Desist & Refrain Order 12/03/07
Pomponio, Darren Administrative Action - Also see Administrative Action (08/27/13) 07/16/13
Ponish, Chris (U.S. West, LLC) Desist & Refrain Order 04/13/09
Ponish, Chris (Applied Digital Technologies, Inc.). Administrative Action 09/21/10
Pontsova, Exaterina Desist & Refrain Order 07/20/07
Poop 911 Administrative Action 06/25/12
Poore, Mark H.. Civil Action 08/31/09
Pope, Rodney Lynn Desist & Refrain 08/31/16
Porter, Kenneth Wesley Administrative Action 12/03/15
Pop N Go, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 03/14/11
Pop Physique, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 05/29/12
Pope, Joseph Neal Administrative Action 03/18/11
Poppy State Lending LLC Administrative Action 03/18/11
Popovich, Daniel J. Desist & Refrain Order 04/30/09
Popular Mortgage Services, LLC Administrative Order 10/29/09
Porche, Joseph R. Administrative Action 07/17/15
Porche, Joseph R. Desist & Refrain Order 05/03/11
Porche, Joseph Rudolph Administrative Action 10/10/16
Porras, Carlos Desist & Refrain Order 09/10/12
Port of Asia, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 07/24/04
Porter Investment Business Group Desist & Refrain Order 04/24/14
Porter, Lamyle Desist & Refrain Order 04/24/14
Portfolio Group Advisors Administrative Action 05/30/11
Portillo, Oscar Rolando Administrative Action 03/13/13
Portillo, Sandra Desist & Refrain Order 07/05/11
PortofAsia.com Desist & Refrain Order 07/24/04
Positive Finance LLC Administrative Action 03/18/11
Positive Return, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 12/01/04
Positive Return, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order;
see also Administrative Decision [12/29/04]
Post Box Plus Administrative Order 08/29/07
Post Shield USA, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 05/27/09
Postal Connection/Cashman Administrative Order *12/28/07
Postler, Rodger Desist & Refrain Order 03/06/12
Potocnik, Tomaz. Desist & Refrain Order 09/28/09
Pottorff, Ryan. Desist & Refrain Order 02/25/08
Powell, Concepcion M Desist & Refrain Order 12/30/02
Powell Financial Services, Inc. Administrative Action 05/01/09
Power Check Cashing Payday Advance Administrative Orders 09/06/05
Power of the Prayers, LLC Administrative Action 05/23/17
Power Research Corp Civil Action 02/11/09
Power Station, LLC Administrative Action 07/17/07
Powers, Charles Desist & Refrain Order 05/02/04
Powers, John Administrative Action
See Also Office of Administrative Law Decision
Powers, Stephen Desist & Refrain Order 01/04/06
PPA Holdings, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 10/31/06
Pragudha Financial Services, Inc. Administrative Action 12/28/07
Prairie Resources, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 03/13/06
Pratt, David Desist & Refrain Order 06/10/11
Pratt, Faye Desist & Refrain Order 07/06/05
Pratt, James Desist & Refrain Order 07/06/05
Pravati Capital, LLC Administrative Action 02/28/18
Pravati Investment Fund 1, LLC Administrative Action 02/28/18
Preciado, Roldofo Desist & Refrain Order 07/21/08
Precise Enterprises LLC Administrative Order 5/2/2012
Precision Escrow, Inc. Administrative Action 061611
Precision Funding Group, LLC
 - 603F110
 - 603J187
Administrative Action 05/07/13
PrecisionOne Escrow Administrative Action 07/07/10
Preferred Cash Loans Civil Action 06/30/07
PreferredCashLoans.com Desist & Refrain Order 08/22/06
Preferred Equity Group, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 04/30/12
Preferred Metropolitan Escrow, Inc. Administrative Action 03/24/08
Preferred Mortgage Services aka Preferred Financial Group Administrative Order 12/08/08
Preferred Mortgage Consultants Inc. Administrative Action 05/01/09
Preitz, Duain Vincent Desist & Refrain Order 09/28/12
Premiere Capital Escrow, Inc. Administrative Action 03/28/08
Premier Capital Lending, LLC  Administrative Order 10/12/10
Premier Consumer Credit Counseling, Inc. Administrative Order 11/12/15
Premier Equity Fund, LLC; Premier Equity Fund II, LLC; Premier Equity Fund IV Civil Action 02/11/09
Premier Lending Group, LLC Administrative Action 06/01/10
Premier Mortgage Capital, Inc. Administrative Action 05/01/09
Premier Mortgage Group, LLC Administrative Action 08/01/05
Premier Mortgage Services, Inc. Administrative Order 07/03/08
Premier Real Estate & Financial Services Company Administrative Action 05/01/09
Premier Stations Administrative Action
See also Office of Administrative Law Decision
Premiere Transactions Escrow Administration Action, see also FSD licensee file # 963-2298 07/09/14
Premis Capital Administrative Order 11/07/06
Premium Financial.com Administrative Action 05/01/09
Premserv Mortgage Desist & Refrain Order 07/22/04
Prepaid Card Holdings, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 09/16/12
PrepaYd, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 09/16/12
Prestamos y Inversiones, Inc. aka Oficina de Prestamos Desist & Refrain Order 10/25/13
Prestige Group Marketing Desist & Refrain Order 05/04/10
Pretty Cool, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 07/16/08
Prevailing Consulting Desist & Refrain Order 12/22/09
Price, Charles Michael Administrative Action 05/01/09
Price, Halley Desist & Refrain Order;
see also RescissionOrder [5/16/05].
Price, George Charles Cody Administrative Action 05/16/17
Pricom Asphalt Sealcoating, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 04/26/05
Pride Investments, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 05/27/11
Prima Financial Group, Inc. Administrative Order 11/21/11
Primary Escrow, Inc. Administrative Action 02/24/10
Primary Mortgage Group, Inc. Administrative Action 08/09/05
PrimeLending, A PlainsCapital Company Administrative Action 11/03/16
Prime Mortgage, Prime Real Estate, Inc. Administrative Action 06/02/10
Prime West Escrow, Inc. Administrative Action
See also FSD Licensee Lsting #963-2210
PrimeCap Funding, Inc.. Desist & Refrain Order 07/11/07
PrimeCap Mortgage Fund Desist & Refrain Order 07/11/07
PrimericaPresta.com, Inc., Administrative Action 11/26/12
Primestar Lending Administrative Action 07/15/08
Primera Check Cashing. Administrative Action 04/15/09
Prince, Ernie Desist & Refrain Order (StarMax) 09/28/07
Prince, Ernie Desist & Refrain Order (Cinetech Films) 04/02/09
Printing Production Management, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 01/31/12
Priori, Robert Desist & Refrain Order 05/12/05
Priority Lending Mortgage Corporation Administrative Action 12/27/17
Priority Mortgage and Loan, Inc. Administrative Action 05/01/09
Priority Mortgage Services, LLC Administrative Action 06/20/11
Pristine International, Ltd. Desist & Refrain Order 05/14/02
Pritchard, Memory Desist & Refrain Order 12/24/02
Private Capital Management, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 03/30/98
Private Funding Partners, LLC. Administrative Active 08/07/13
Private Mortgage Lending, LLC Administrative Order 11/07/06
PRL Direct Desist & Refrain Order 03/06/07
Pro Check Cashing Desist & Refrain Order, Administrative Orders 10/27/08
Pro Escrow Services, Inc. Administrative Order 09/15/09
Proaction Concepts, LLC, Proaction Sports Medicine Concepts, LP Desist & Refrain Order 10/08/10
Proctor, Cheryl Desist & Refrain Order 12/02/14
Prodigy #11 Partnership, L.P. Desist & Refrain Order 03/08/07
Prodigy Oil and Gas, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 03/08/07
Prodovis Mortgage, LLC. Administrative Action
See also FSD licensee listing #4130945
Production Revenue Drilling Fund, LLP Administrative Action 02/09/11
Proficio Mortgage Ventures, LLC Administrative Action
See also FSD Licensee Listing #413-1009
Profitable Sunrise Desist & Refrain Order 03/14/13
Profits With Binary Options Desist & Refrain Order 09/18/14
ProFounder Financial, Inc. Administrative Order 08/24/11
Progressive California Oil & Gas Income Fund, LP. Desist & Refrain Order 06/18/08
Progressive Energy Partners, LLC, Progressive Energy Partners, LLC #1, Progressive Energy Partners, LLC #2, Progressive Energy Partners, LLC #3, Progressive Energy Partners, LLC #4 Stipulation to Desist & Refrain Order and Desist and Refrain Order 10/29/09
Progressive Financial Planners, LLC aka Progressive Wealth Management, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 05/31/13
Professional Business Strategies, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 12/10/10
Professional Development Services, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 03/05/06
Professional Mortgage Partners Admininstrative Order 09/01/09
Professional Property Mortgage Company, Inc. Administrative Action 05/01/09
Pro-Fin, LLC Civil Action 02/01/05
Profina Deb Solutions Consent Order 11/14/04
Profina Debt Solutions Desist & Refrain Order 12/16/02
Profusion Holdings, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 12/22/09
Progressive Redevelopment, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 07/03/06
Promise, George Administrative Action 11/30/07
Prominent Group LLC (The), Prominent Business Management, Inc. Administrative Action 05/03/10
Pronto Cash Advance, Pronto Financial Services, Inc. Amended Desist & Refrain Order 05/13/08
Pronto Commercial Funding, Lightning Mortgage  Administrative Action 03/18/11
Prospect Mortgage, LLC Administrative Action
See Also FSD 413-0266 and 603-E734
Prospect, Plains Ranch Administrative Order 06/25/15
Prospect, Tycoon-Lewis Administrative Order 06/25/15
Property Coast 2 Coast, LP Desist & Refrain Order 06/04/14
Properties Escrow Administrative Action 06/15/10
Prosper Marketplace, Inc Administrative Action 04/21/09
Prosperity Financial Administrative Action 06/09/10
Prosperity Management Group, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 11/17/11
Prosperous Living, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 11/17/11
Prostar Management Desist & Refrain Order 06/25/03
Protege Financial Desist & Refrain Order 08/13/13
Protege Financial & Insurance Service(s), Inc. Civil Action 02/25/14
Proven Record, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order and Consent 05/14/07
Provencio, Carmen Valdavino Civil Action 01/10/13
Provencio, Richard William Civil Action 01/10/13
Providence Escrow, Inc. Administrative Action
See also FSD Licensee #963-1699
Providence Financial Group Desist & Refrain Order 06/09/09
ProVision Business Systems, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 06/15/05
Public Capital Bankorp Inc Administrative Action 03/18/11
Prudential Mortgage Capital Company, LLC Administrative Order 11/21/11
Pruet, Jack Phillips Administrative Action 02/02/18
Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc.  Administrative Order 02/22/12
Prudhomme, M.J. Desist & Refrain Order 10/07/05
PRS Franchise Systems, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 06/01/09
PSR Corporate Income Fund I, L.P Desist & Refrain Order 03/30/98
PS Finance, LLC Administrative Action 03/06/18
Puente Hills Financing, LLC. Administrative Action
See also FSD licensee listing #603I012
Puette, Judith P. Desist & Refrain Order 12/24/02
Pugeda, Rebecca Administrative Action
See Also Foundation Escrow Company and
FSD Licensee Listing #963-1973
Pukini, Joshua Raymond aka Pukini, Joshua Desist & Refrain Order 10/26/11
Pukke, Andris Desist & Refrain Order 09/30/04
Pukke, Erik Desist & Refrain Order 02/01/05
Pure Barre Licensing, L.L.C. Administrative Action 07/09/09
Pure Entertainment Partners, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 12/10/08
Purpose Acquired Portfolio Assets, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 02/03/09
Pursol Solar Systems, Inc Civil Action 03/23/10
Purrington, Sharon L. Desist & Refrain Order 06/12/08
Purrington, Thomas W. Desist & Refrain Order 06/12/08
Pusateri, Greg. Desist & Refrain Order 04/08/09
PVP Investment Management, LLC. Administrative Action 03/02/17
PWGR Administrative Action 03/15/07
Pyramid Screening Technology, Inc Stipulation to Desist & Refrain Order and Desist &Refrain Order 01/05/10