Administrative Decisions — V

Respondents OAH Decision Decision's Effective Date Law Description
V.I.S.T.A. Enterprises Ltd., et al. N2004040566 11/04/05 Corporate Securities Law of 1968 Order to desist and refrain from offering and selling unqualified securities by means of any written or oral communication which included untrue statement of material fact and/or omitted a material fact; acting as a broker-dealer and investment adviser without possessing a certificate from the Commissioner; and assessing restitution of three hundred sixty-nine thousand four hundred twenty-four dollars and seventy-six cents ($369,424.76) and the costs of investigation and prosecution of nineteen thousand two hundred thirty-five dollars ($19,235), pursuant to California Corporations Code section 25254 of the Corporate Securities Law of 1968, and administrative penalties of four thousand dollars ($4,000) pursuant to Corporations Code section 25252.