This booklet’s purpose is to help California’s consumers 

understand the process of buying a home and some of 

the major responsibilities they will have as homeowners.

Informed and educated consumers are less likely to fall 

victim to financial fraud and scams.

DBO Outreach Programs

The Mortgage Education Outreach Program 

will expand consumer education and aware-

ness in the areas of homeownership and the 

home buying process, preventing foreclosure, 

loan modifications, and mortgage fraud and scams.

Seniors Against Investment Fraud (SAIF)

Developed in 2001, the Seniors Against  

Investment Fraud (SAIF) Program alerts  

and educates California seniors about  

unscrupulous investment fraud. The Protect Yourself 

from Fraud booklet is designed to encourage Califor-

nians to “check before you invest” and provides tools to 

stop financial fraud before it happens.

California Troops Against Predatory Scams 


This program alerts and educates California’s 

military service members and their families 

about investment fraud, predatory lending and how to 

avoid being scammed.