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About the DBO

The DBO regulates state-licensed financial institutions, 

products and professionals in order to provide accessibility  

to a fair and secure financial services marketplace.

The DBO serves the state by enforcing the state’s financial 

service laws and providing resources to Californians to 

help them make informed financial decisions.

As part of its mission, the DBO strives to help consumers 

protect their personal finances from fraud.

For a list of licensees and industries regulated by DBO,  

visit www.dbo.ca.gov.

Consumer Services Office

The DBO’s Consumer Services Office provides information 

and assistance to consumers. If you need help verifying 

the licensing status of a financial institution, service  

or professional call the DBO’s toll-free number  

1-866-275-2677 or visit www.dbo.ca.gov/consumers  

for help.

Office of Education and Outreach

The DBO’s Office of Education and Outreach is committed  

to providing consumers with helpful information and  

materials on a variety of financial topics. The outreach  

programs empower Californians to make smart decisions 

about their finances. 


Government Mortgage Modification Programs

Keep Your Home California


Making Home Affordable


Foreclosure Mitigation Assistance and Counseling

Department of Housing and Urban

Development (HUD)


Government Financing 

California Housing Finance Agency (CalHFA)


FDIC Foreclosure Prevention


Other Resources

Bureau of Real Estate (BRE)


Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)