Troops Against Predatory Scams (TAP$) — About Us


What is California TAP$?

California TAP$ (Troops Against Predatory Scams) is a program administered by the California Department of Business Oversight that educates California's military troops on how to avoid becoming a victim of financial and investment fraud. California TAP$ also serves as the enforcement arm against financial fraud crimes by taking action against the predators targeting our troops.

California TAP$ Can Help With Your Investment Decision

  • Confirm if the sales person and company are properly Licensed and registered
  • Identify possible "red flags" associated with the solicitation
  • Give you the facts before investing
  • Direct you to available resources
  • Provide information on the current scams

A knowledgeable consumer is a guarded consumer. The California TAP$ Program offers safety through education! The Program provides information that can help you in your investment decision.