Important Notices

The California Capital Access Program (Cal-CAP)

Helping Small Businesses Grow

The Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) supports the efforts of the California Capital Access Program (Cal-CAP), a program of the State Treasurer's Office that makes it possible for small businesses to qualify for financing they would not otherwise be eligible to obtain through a variety of programs:

  • Cal-CAP: loan portfolio insurance which may provide up to 100% coverage on certain loan defaults.
  • Collateral Support Program: pledges cash to cover the collateral shortfall of a loan of up to 50% of loan value in order to enable financing.
  • On-Road Heavy-Duty Vehicle Program: finance heavy-duty trucks and buses and SmartWay aerodynamic technologies.
  • Proposition 1B Loan Assistance Program: finance 2007 or newer engine year model heavy-duty diesel, or liquid natural gas (LNG) trucks.

By participating in these programs, banks and credit unions  have available to them proven financing mechanisms to meet the financing needs of California's small businesses.
DFI also commend the financial institutions that participate in these programs and encourage other banks and credit unions to consider these programs.  By partnering with Cal-CAP to extend credit to those who would not otherwise be qualified, banks and credit unions help financially empower disadvantaged Californians.

We encourage banks and credit unions to learn more about the Cal-CAP Program.  Visit the Cal-CAP website at: for more information or contact Emily Jarrett, Tel: (916) 654-6061; Email: or Nancee Trombley, Tel: (916) 651-8663; Email: