Important Notices

DFI Reminds Licensees and Education and Outreach Partners that April is California Financial Literacy Month

DFI will partner with other state, federal and local government agencies and financial literacy organizations during the 13th Annual California Financial Literacy Month (CAFLM) in April. This coordinated consumer education and awareness campaign encourages individuals throughout the state to take full advantage of free resources designed to improve financial literacy and increase decision-making power.  CAFLM is a campaign that runs throughout the month of April and offers many opportunities for consumer education and outreach. Get involved!

This year’s theme – “Empowering Californians To Make Well-Informed Financial Decisions” -- highlights the importance of making educated and affordable decisions to achieve financial goals.

During CAFLM, DFI and its community partners are promoting free resources about saving, managing accounts, budgeting, debt and credit, and investing. It's also a good time to learn to prevent identity theft, protect privacy, elder financial abuse and other financial fraud and scams.

Regardless of age or financial situation, there are important and useful lessons to learn about financial responsibility. DFI encourages everyone to make an effort to seek information about financial products, compare the costs and fees of financial products and services and read and understand the “fine print” before signing a contract.

DFI encourages bank customers, credit union members, educators, employers, parents and students to bookmark DFI's California Financial Literacy Month Web Portal as a helpful resource for personal finance and consumer education needs. There are also ideas and tools for financial education practitioners on the CAFLM Portal.

DFI is reaching out with social media using Twitter, Facebook and the California Financial Literacy Month Blog to reach a larger audience with  timely personal finance tips to help Californans make informed financial decisions. With social media, visitors can discover resources in an informal and interactive environment. Social media also provides the opportunity for consumers to connect directly with representatives of regulatory agencies, financial institutions, community organizations and consumer protection organizations.

There's still time to feature your financial education efforts on the DFI blog. See the CAFLM Blog post dated February 20, 2013.
CAFLM is part of National Financial Literacy Month, a national initiative that brings attention to the importance of financial literacy and maintaining healthy financial habits.

Thank you for your commitment to financial literacy!