Important Notices

    Subject: 2012 Winter Newsletter

    State Controllers Office


    The following message is from the Unclaimed Property Outreach Team at the State Controller's Office:
    Dear Holders,
    Happy Holidays to all.  Enclosed you will find our 2012 Winter Newsletter regarding the California Unclaimed Property Program.  Included in our newsletter are important updates and reminders on:

    • Regulatory Changes – New UFS-1
    • Did You Discover Additional Property?
    • The State Controller’s Office Performs Due Diligence
    • Are You Remitting Securities Correctly?
    • Look Out for Holder Remit Reminder Letters
    • Important Upcoming Dates

    The newsletter can be found at: 
    If you have any reporting questions, please contact the Unclaimed Property Reporting Unit at (916) 464-6284 or General questions regarding unclaimed property may be directed to the Holder Outreach Unit at:
    Thank you,

    The Holder Outreach Team