Important Notices

State Controller's Office - Notice to Holders
New Notice to Holders Posted to the Web

The following message is from the Holder Outreach Team at the State Controller's Office (SCO):

The SCO would like to share with you important updates regarding reporting unclaimed property:

A new Notice to Holders titled "New Universal Holder Face Sheet (UFS-1) Form" has been posted to the web.

Please note, for the 2012 Holder Notice Cycle, the SCO will accept previous versions of the UFS-1 as well as the current UFS-1 (Rev. 05/12).

Holder Handbook is updated with UFS-1 form changes.

If you have any reporting questions, please contact the Unclaimed Property Reporting Unit at (916) 464-6284 or

Thank you for your time,
The Holder Outreach Team