Important Notices

June 15, 2011

SCO Announces Updated Securities Summary (SS-1) form and New Notice to Holders

The following information is from the Holder Outreach Team of the State Controller's Office, who would like to share with you two important updates regarding unclaimed property:

  1. California updated the Securities Summary (SS-1) form required for remitting securities; the new form is located on SCO’s website at:
  2. A New Notice to Holders titled “Securities Summary Form” has been posted at: This notice details the changes incorporated in the new SS-1 form.

*Please thoroughly review the new Securities (SS-1) form and notice to ensure accurate reporting.

If you have any reporting questions, please contact the Unclaimed Property Reporting Unit at (916) 464-6284 or General questions regarding unclaimed property may be directed to the Holder Outreach Unit at:

Thank you for your time,

The Holder Outreach Team