Important Notices

November 22, 2010

DFI Warning Notice - Counterfeit Official Check- Metropolitan Bank

The Department of Financial Institutions has been notified that counterfeit official checks bearing Metropolitan Bank's name are in circulation.

The counterfeit items display the routing number 121141343, which is assigned to Metropolitan Bank but do not resemble an authentic Metropolitan Bank Cashier's Check.  Instead, the counterfeit items display a different logo and the word "Metrobank" at the top left corner.  Either "Certified Check" or "Cashier's Check" is displayed at the top center.  At the lower left corner of the item, either "Metropolitan Bank, N.A., San Antonio, Texas" or "Bank of America, N.A., San Antonio, Texas" is featured.  Again, it is totally different from an authentic Cashier's Check.

Authentic cashier's checks display Metropolitan Bank's logo and the name "Metropolitan Bank" at the top left corner.  The word "Cashier's Check" is displayed at the top ceter.  The address of the Bank is printed below the bank name at the top left corner.  Metropolitan Bank is a state-chartered bank located in Oakland, CA.

Also, authentic cashier's checks are not computer-generated checks.  The dollar amounts on authentic checks are imprinted with check protectors in the format of deeply serrated typeface.

Be aware that the appearance of counterfeit items can be modified and that additional variations may be presented.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Stella Kong, Vice President/Controller at 510-834-1933.