Important Notices

April 01, 2010



Dear Sir or Madam: 

Please submit two copies of the March 31, 2010 Report of Assets and Liabilities of U.S. Branches, FFIEC Form 002.  Banks having multiple agency or branch offices in this state must submit two reports consolidating their California operations and two reports for each individual office.  For example, a foreign bank having offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles would submit a total of six forms.

Certification Form

A signed, executed Certification form is to be kept in the call report file at the branch or agency office together with a copy of the FFIEC Call Report. You can download the form in Adobe PDF format at  Or, to navigate to the form from the DFI home page,, click on the “Forms” link in the right-hand navigation bar under the heading “Online Resources,” then click “Foreign (Other Nation) Bank Forms”.  Scroll down the page and locate the link to the form Call Report Certification Page for Foreign Banks.

To view and print the form you must first have installed the Adobe Acrobat Reader. The Reader can be downloaded free from the Adobe home page at  If you need assistance viewing and printing the form from our home page, contact Arlene Delacruz at (415) 263-8558 or by e-mail at Call report preparers without access to the World Wide Web may request hard copies of the form by calling Patrick Carroll at (415) 263-8559. Do not return the Certification Form to this office.

General Instructions

Report preparers should either send a pdf file of the March 31, 2010 Report of Assets and Liabilities of U.S. Branches, FFIEC Form 002 to or send two hard copies via postal mail to:

Patrick C. Carroll
Strategic Support Manager
Department of Financial Institutions
45 Fremont Street, #1700
San Francisco, CA  94105-2219

Reports must be received in this office on or before Monday May 3, 2010.

Banks making revisions to the FFIEC call report should send a copy of the revisions to this office, and keep a copy in the call report file at the bank.  Foreign banks having more than one office should submit a revised report both for the affected office and on a consolidated basis.

Questions regarding the completion of the required reports should be directed to our San Francisco office at (415) 263-8559 or by e-mail at  Please note this applies to agencies and branch offices of foreign banks only; it does not apply to representative offices

Very truly yours,


Strategic Support Manager